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uuStepCount is for analyze the source code.
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uuStepCount is for analyze the source code, and statistical blank lines, comment lines, code lines. Also uuStepCount can output HTML&CSV file.
No matter what extension of files, even newly ways of comment, with your configuration, uuStepCount can analyze it!
Also HTML, JSP, ASP, PHP's internal language (JavaScript, StyleSheet) can be calculated separately. Even Java code of JSP, VB code of ASP can be calculated.
  • uuStepCount is Multilanguage. Now with English (United States), Japanese (Japan), Chinese (PRC), Chinese (Taiwan).
    Also you can add others language(need download source of uuStepCount and modify lang.ini file and put it to directory of Lang\\ of uuStepCount).
Main Screen:

Define for FileType and Language:

Template for result:

With all,uuStepCount is free software.
enjoy it!

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